High performing teams don’t just happen – they are created over time through conversations and practices that develop high levels of trust, clear team priorities, mutual accountablity, and candid and thoughtful dialogue.

Leaders are made not born – leadership is developed by learning specific conversational skills and comiting to practices that have you become a leader. Developing leadership is inescapably a journey of personal growth because leaders always lead from who they are as a human being.

We coach leaders and teams to see and understand the deep structure of human collaboration so that you can generate outstanding results without stress and overwhelm.

Leaders and managers work with us to move from technical competence to leadership confidence.

Organisations where Ian has coached

Hobart City Council Education
The Treasury  MDBA

Our approach

So much training generates excitement and elevates expectations, only to see people fall back into old patterns.

What’s been missing is a way of supporting the content delivered in each session. A way of embedding new behaviours to see them take root.

This is why all Reflecting Power courses include access to an online community. Through this forum, you can find accountability, share successes, and get help with roadblocks.

When learning continues into your life and work, the change takes root.